Future Lions of New York [February 16, 2018 - New York Times] Since the legendary chaos of 1970s and ’80s, New York has evolved to the point where the city’s “Disneyfication” is taken as a matter of public record. This is not true, or at least it’s not the whole story. The attacks of Sept. 11 and the Great Recession hit the city hard — as did a tourist-friendly Times Square. And yet New Yorkers remained and innovated. This era’s influencers, more diverse in gender and race than the lions of the past, reflect how the city’s power base has evolved.

The New Press is excited to introduce Miami-based Rowan Moore Gerety, author of Go Tell the Crocodiles: Chasing Prosperity in Mozambique. Moore Gerety is a journalist whose work has appeared in The AtlanticForeign Policy, the Miami HeraldSlate, and the Virginia Quarterly Review. He has also produced radio stories for NPR and PRI.

With major philanthropic support, The New Press has undertaken a collaborative effort with the re-entry program created and run by Susan Burton to place over 10,000 copies of Burton’s memoir in prisons, jails, re-entry programs, and community centers across the country. Written with Cari Lynn, Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women chronicles Burton’s own years of incarceration followed by successful re-entry and activism.

The ACLU of New Jersey Successfully Challenges the New Jersey Correctional System’s Ban on Access to The New Jim Crow,Michelle Alexander’s Seminal Work on Race and Mass Incarceration  

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